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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my WoodWatch be engraved with a custom message or logo?

Do you offer custom rates and designs for corporate gifts?

Are the watches made of real wood?

Will the watch fit me?

Can the colors differ from the photos?

What type of battery is used for my WoodWatch?

Is it possible to adjust my WoodWatch glasses with prescription lenses?

Are the lenses of my WoodWatch Eyewear replaceable?

Do my glasses come with a case?

Can my sunglasses or BlueBlock glasses be engraved with a custom message?

How long does it take to engrave my WoodWatch or WoodWatch Eyewear?

I ordered a product but made a mistake in the engraving. What should I do?

Can I return a product with an engraving?

What is your return policy?

How long will the shipping of my wooden watch or other product from WoodWatch take?

Which countries do you ship to?